Just Spoolin' Around Blanket

Spoolin' Around Blanket Crochet Pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button

The first thing I ever sewed was in Mrs. Sehee's 7th grade sewing class. It was a pair of REALLY high-waisted pants. (I'm aging myself, huh?) Somehow I managed to get the zipper sewn in straight and the pants actually fit. But they were far from perfect. See, when cutting them out, I forgot to add the extra 3 inches or so for my longish legs (that went well with my biggish feet). Needless to say, the only solution we could come up with was to add some length by sewing an additional piece along the bottom of each pant leg. Not such a good solution. But I didn't care at that point. I had made pants!! I felt so accomplished!

I've sewn quite a few things since then but am FAR from good. Somehow the hook is easier (and more relaxing) for my brain. But I have a life goal to learn to quilt. I love the many colored fabrics of quilting, the history, the creative artistry of the many patterns available and the notions.

As I was thinking about sewing and quilting, I thought of my dear friend, Karen, who has the most amazing collection of vintage spools of thread from Russia. Could I translate the colorful spools into crochet? Hmmm. I think so. What if I...

Spoolin' Around Blanket Crochet Pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button

After many trials, I finally came up with a version that makes me happy and I've decided to name my 

Here's why:
~~the thread colors on the spools are all made from my stash so it makes a great stash-buster if you want (but it would be pretty in just a couple of colors to match your space, too)

~~it has nifty texture--just like thread wound around spools-see?

Spoolin' Around Blanket Crochet Pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button

~~The border turned out really pretty, and again can be worked in whatever colors you want.

Spoolin' Around Blanket Crochet Pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button

~~And I really love when the back of a blanket is just as fabulous as the front. The border is so nifty wiggly and the spools have such fun texture, too.

Spoolin' Around Blanket Crochet Pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button

You can snag a copy of this pattern here and any others you want in my shops. There are more details there about yarn quantities and colors, as well.

I've got a few other exciting happenings to share. But the biggest is that today is Felted Button's 3 year anniversary! I'm celebrating through the end of May with a multiple pattern discount on Etsy. Enter the following discount code at checkout to save $3 on every $16.50 worth of patterns that have been sitting on your wishlist for too long. The code is good any time.


So...Happy Anniversary to Felted Button and Happy Hooking to you! You can keep in the "Button" loop regarding all my hooky happenings on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram (@FeltedButton). Be well and be happy!

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  1. I think this pattern by you is my newest favorite. Love all of your patterns, but I am a quilter, so this will have to be my next crochet project for myself!
    Thanks for all of the wonderful patterns that you design. And by the way, quilting will be very easy for someone with your skills!

    1. Thank you, Cris! And thank you for the kind and encouraging words. I really DO want to learn to quilt!

  2. Amei essa manta. Linda d++++.

    Bjs e Boa tarde!

  3. The pattern looks fantastic! Congratulations! And best wishes from Austria

  4. Happy anniversary!! And congrats on this beautiful blanket design, what a sweet idea!
    Greetings & have a good week, Nata


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